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Our Story

Our Mission

Every day the talented, committed educators at Druid Hills Child Development Center support the development of children socially, emotionally and cognitively. They encourage students’ curiosity and help children realize their full potential with an environment that inspires natural curiosity and learning through doing. Our staff partners with and supports families – a child’s first and most important teachers – to create a strong foundation for each child’s future success.


Midtown Atlanta

DHCDC is nestled into the heart of Midtown Atlanta on Ponce de Leon across from Publix and the Majestic Diner. We are located on the campus of the Druid Hills Presbyterian Church.


Students and Teachers

We serve a diverse student body of approximately 125 students in 11 classrooms from birth to age 8 with 40 full-time primary teachers plus support staff.



We are accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) .



Our students enjoy daily outdoor playtime underneath a luscious canopy of trees. Mats, mirrors, and toys for our smallest all the way to slides and jungle gyms.

Our History

The Druid Hills Child Development Center (DHCDC) has been serving children and families in the midtown Atlanta community for nearly 50 years. DHCDC started in 1969 from the work of a small group of women church members at the Druid Hills Presbyterian Church. They recognized the changing needs of families in their community and identified that more child care options were needed as women began to enter the workforce in large numbers.

From their commitment to community grew DHCDC, which started as a part-time program and grew into a full-time program by the mid-1990’s.  As the field of early education became more formal and the importance of the first five years of life was confirmed through brain development research, the program’s need for specialized support and leadership outside of the mission umbrella of the church clear.

In 1994 DHCDC became a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and began renting the property from the church.  DHCDC is very proud of our history of community focus, and our nonprofit status allows us to truly focus on mission and quality in all that we do here each day.

We’re Growing!


Playground Renovation

We are dedicated to providing children the space and freedom to do what they need most at this time in their lives: PLAY! This year we will complete Phase 1 of our full-scale playground renovation including top of the line resurfacing, hills to run and play on, a tricycle track, and more. Keep track of our progress, see photos, and learn more about both phases on Facebook.



To meet the future needs of our community we have plans to expand into more of our current building.  We look forward to completing renovations soon to better serve our community! 


Leadership and Training Institute

The field of early education employees over one million people in the United States, and it’s estimated to grow about 7% each year through 2026.  DHCDC is investing in the field as a whole. The upcoming institute will focus on developing early educators through professional development at beginning, intermediate,  and advanced levels and provide necessary support for the challenging field.

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