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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

On the first day of school, most children need to bring the following items (All items MUST be labeled):
• Diapers/pull-ups*
• Change of clothes
• Outdoor protection (sunscreen, bug spray, coat, etc.)**
• Diapering creams and ointments
• Water Bottle/Sippy cup
•  Toothpaste (toddlers, preschool and pre-k only)

Additional items may be needed for a particular room or age group. Keep in mind that we often use paint, water, markers, glue, and/or other messy items daily. Make sure your child wears “play clothing” to the Center. Your child may also be attached to an object (blanket, doll, other toy) that would provide comfort and reassurance on the first few days with us. Please feel free to bring it along (labeled, of course!)

Items can be brought in a diaper bag or backpack. Do not leave any items in the bag marked “KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN” and that includes any medications, plastic bags, creams, or items small enough to swallow. Children love to explore. Please DO NOT bring toys, snacks, and candy unless teachers ask (show and tell, special parties, etc.)

*Some parents may opt to use cloth diapers as opposed to disposable diapers. Cloth diapers must include an absorbent, inner lining that must be completely contained within an outer covering made of waterproof material that prevents the escape of feces and urine. Both the inner and outer covering must be changed as a unit during each diaper change.

**Written permission is required in order to use these products on your child. Additionally, sunscreen or sun block must be a minimum of SPF 15 and include UVB and UVA protection. Please do not provide aerosol sunscreen or bug spray as it can be a trigger for children with asthma or other breathing issues. Ointments only for sunscreen and spray (not aerosol) for bug spray please!

Drop Off
We are open and available to receive children at 7:30 a.m. Please do not access the building prior to our opening time. Our mission is to serve working families, therefore, we do not have required times for drop off.

All children must be signed in and out in the front lobby by a parent each day using our Procare System.

Pick Up
We encourage parents to maintain a daily routine with their children to create predictability that is comforting for young children. Children anxiously anticipate the expected arrival of a parent, and we appreciate your promptness in picking your children up from the Center. Additionally, our staff frequently has meetings, classes, and families waiting for them immediately after operating hours.

Parents with multiple children to pick up should pick up infants first. Older siblings can be
disruptive to infant classrooms if they are not carefully supervised during pick up and drop off times.

All children must be signed out in the front lobby by a parent each day using our Procare system. Pickup ends at 6 pm.

The Center reserves the right to check a parent or authorized adult’s identification prior to releasing a child(ren) into the custody of an unfamiliar person.

Late Pickup Fees
If you are going to be late, it is imperative that you call us to let us know. If there is no answer, please leave a message on the Executive Director’s voice mail.

Parents picking up after 6:00 pm will incur a late fee based on the time they left the
building not just the time of their clock out time in our Procare system. Our closing manager will record the time parent and child (ren) leaves our facility.Our late pick up fees are $2 per minute and after the third late pick up they are increased to $5 per minute. This charge goes to pay the overtime for the teacher who stays late.

Calling the Center does not mean that the late pick up fee will be waived. Late pick up fees are applied to your account and are expected to be paid in full with your next tuition payment.

Fulton County Protective Services will be notified and requested to take custody of the child(ren) if a parent and the emergency contacts cannot be reached after 30 minutes has transpired.

At all times, a parent must escort and supervise their child(ren) while in the building or on the grounds.

Read about our enrollment process here.

  • Early education and care at DHCDC is a full -year commitment. We do not pro-rate based on vacations, inclement weather closings, professional development days, etc.
  • Weekly tuition is due each Monday. There are fees for late payment, late pickup and insufficient
  • Auto draft is required and payments can be made via ACH or credit card.
  • Sign-up is through Brightwheel where you will have 24/7 access to your payment history, statements and fees.
  •  New tuition rates go into effect on August 1st. The increase is 5%-10% each year. Additionally there is a $125 annual fee per family.
  • Our deposit is for two-weeks (10 business days) of care and is applied to the last two weeks (M-F) of care. The deposit is non-refundable.
  • The fee to get on the wait list is $125
  • No Sibling discounts, CAPS not accepted

DHCDC utilizes Brightwheel for communication, billing, check-in/in-out, and managing student information.

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