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404-875-5019  |  Visit Us on Facebook


Druid Hills Child Development Center enrolls the majority of our new families at the start of our school year (the first week of August) and then we pull from our interest list if we have a mid-year opening. Please review below for our step by step enrollment process.

We ask that you visit our program during one of our tour days, Wednesday and Thursday from 9:30-11:00 (each week). These dates and times are open times set aside for tours and do not require an appointment

Return a completed Interest List Application form accompanied by a non-refundable $100.00 application fee per child. Applications can be obtained during your tour. Parents with siblings already enrolled must follow the same procedure.

We contact parents by email when a spot becomes available. Parents are required at that time to respond to the email within 24 hours confirming interest. Parents then must provide a 2-week deposit by the provided deadline and begin paying tuition regardless of use.

Our admission and the readmission process begins in March each year. We hold all applications in our interest pool throughout the year and contact families throughout the year as spaces become available; however, most of our enrollment vacancies occur in August of each year.

Each year in January we update the interest pool list by sending out a form to each family on the list and ask that it be completed and returned. Only those families who return the form are kept in the pool.

Parents who are offered a spot should fill out the Enrollment Forms here. These forms are only for parents who have enrolled.

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