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We have 10 classrooms serving approximately 120 children daily: Infants, Pretoddlers, Toddlers, Preschool, and Prek.  We also serve school age children (6-8 years old) through out the year during school breaks and have a full summer camp curriculum from May-August.

Our infant program is based on the belief that through building trust and meeting their needs we can begin to support them in learning and encourage their development.  We care for infants in a group size of eight children with two teachers through out the day.

Our Pretoddler and Toddler programs serve children ages 1-2 years old in group sizes in group a size of 12-16 with 2-3 teachers.  We are focused on self help skills and building confidence in their new found skills of walking and talking!

The Preschool program serves children 3-4 years old in a group size no larger than 18 with 2-3 teachers.  We are focused on language and socialization skills as well as beginning writing and prereading skills.

All of our programs have a strong emphasis on social and emotional development and building a love of learning!

After School Program 2016-2017: Click Here for After School Information